The fourth step in the Strategic Prevention Framework, implementation is the work you do every day to achieve the goals and objectives of your program. This module is your documentation system for your program. It is an integrated module dependent on the Logic Models you created in Planning. Each record you create in this module will require you select the logic model, contributing factor, and intervention the activity supports. You can even “add components” to an activity to simplify reporting when more than one reportable activity took place. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how!  You can view how to create implementation reports here (video link) or contact support @ (email).  

Features of the Implementation Module:

-Attribute activities to a logic model

-Create “pending” reports to do your documentation in advance. Return to edit the report with your final details before you save

-Sign and certify your report, the system tracks who created, signed, certified, and the date certified.

-Add a component. Did you conduct a presentation and have a media activity to promote it? No need to create two entries, just select the “add a component” feature. The system creates an exact copy of your entries that you can rename, change only the fields that need changed to create the added component.

-Track your staff, volunteers, and contacts that were involved in your activity. This system integrates with your human resource database.

-Track in-kind donations

-Upload a variety of files related to your activity (PDF, WORD, EXL, PPT, JPG, PNG)



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